Create a Gallery Wall Using Photo Tiles

Homeowners are looking to refresh their home’s walls with unique wall decor that tells a story about their lives. One popular trend is the gallery wall – an arrangement of art, photos, and other objects on a blank wall.

Our photo tiles are perfect for creating a gallery wall using your favorite photos. 

What Is a Gallery Wall?

A gallery wall is essentially a large, angled group of pictures hung on a wall in a hallway or an entryway. It can be made using different sizes and shapes of frames mounted to the wall, but it can also be made using photo tiles which are placed on the wall.

The end goal is to create a cohesive gallery wall that matches the room you’re putting it in. This can be done by finding a color scheme, style, or theme to follow. For example, if you have a beach themed room, try sticking to ocean-themed photos for your gallery wall.

Tips for Selecting Your Tile Photos

There are many considerations when choosing the best images to use in your photo tile project. You want to find photo’s that match your desired theme and that will look good together in a gallery wall.

Following a theme such as holiday photos or sporting accomplishments make choosing your gallery wall pictures much easier.

A gallery wall is a great way to display your favorite photos. It can be eye-catching and show you have a creative side. If you have a big blank wall, this is the perfect project to fill it up with personal photos. 

You can choose from different pack sizes to order just enough tiles to create your perfect layout.


Rearrange Your Photo Tiles To change Things Up

Our photo tiles are removable and re-stickable allowing you to change the order or layout of your gallery wall at any time. Our sticky photo tiles need no nails to hang so don’t leave holes in the wall giving youthe option to be as creative as you want with your gallery wall layout.